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Doctor & Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly doctor and staff who make Giannotti Vision Care a proud provider of vision care products and services in Scotts Valley.

Anthony P. Giannotti, O.D

Anthony P. Giannotti, O.D

Dr. Tony Giannotti grew up in Menlo Park and earned his B.S degree from U.C. Davis in 1975. He graduated from the School of Optometry at U.C. Berkeley in 1979. He received his Theraputic Pharmaceutical Agent Certification in 1994, and his Glaucoma Certification In 2011. He has been practicing in Scotts Valley for over thirty years.

Areas of special interest include Ocular Surface Disease (Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome), Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and Glaucoma, in addition to childrens vision, computer vision solutions, geriatric eyecare and specialty contact lenses. Refractive surgery consultations are an important part of the practice, where candidates are screened to determine which surgical vision correcting procedure is appropriate, and to coordinate pre- and post-op care. All contact lenses are available, including lenses for astigmatism, bifocal contacts, custom gas permeable lenses and specialty tinted sports lenses.

Advanced instrumentation has always been an integral part of the office, and the latest additions include corneal topography (a detailed map of the cornea), pachymetry (measuring the thickness of the cornea), digital retinal photography (a detailed digital image of the inside of the eye), the Optomap Retinal Exam (ultra widefield images of the retina without dilation),  Ocular Coherence Tomography (high resolution imaging of the layers of the retina) and Macular Pigment Density testing to ascess the risk of developing macular degeneration.

Dr. G is especially proud of the “green build out” of the new office. Recycled and sustainable materials were used wherever possible, including cork, marmoleum and seagrass flooring. Carpet tiles and entry way flooring are made of recycled materials as is the paperstone countertop of the reception desk. Over 50% of the construction waste was recycled or salvaged. FSC certified wood was uses for the framing, sustainably grown and harvested. Dual flush toilet, tankless water heaters, along with low flow faucets are used throughout. Ceiling tiles are made of renewable materials, and the existing ceiling insulation was salvaged and reused. Daylighting is used in 65% of the spaces ( 4 solar tubes and a large skylight over the reception desk), and only 67% of the watts per square foot allowed by Title 24 are used.

Dr. Giannotti and his wife, Connie, are the proud parents of two, Vincent and Sasha. He enjoys golf, cycling, fishing, camping and Cal Football.our Practice Administrator, recently celebrating her 5 year anniversary in command here. She runs a tight ship, always making  our patient’s experience her number one priority.

Peggy is our practice administrator and recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary in command. Her number one priority is creating a memorable patient experience.

Lisa is a 35 year veteran in the eyecare industry and has been a part of our practice almost as long as Dr G. Our lead contact lens tech, Lisa is equally adept at assisting in the selection of the perfect eyewear as she is in training the most challenging new contact lens wearer.

Brenda has a decade of experience here, well respected by our patients for her compassion and expertise of ophthalmic lens options. She is also excellent at contact lens training.

Paula is our Director of First Impressions, running our front desk along with conducting our pre-test procedures and assisting in Optical.

Patricia is our newest team member and our Chief Optometric Technician. She has quickly acquired the skills necessary to obtain excellent images and pre-test data for Dr G.

Colette and Teresa make up our finance team, insuring the accuracy of our insurance billing.